5 Tips for Choosing the Best Air Fryer

Most people enjoy baked food. However, traditionally cooked food has a lot of fat and may not have the desired color and texture. This precisely explains why an air fryer is such an essential kitchen appliance. An air fryer is a kitchen device that can make tasty fried food with up to 80% less fat. It is also a safer way to access fried food as you do not need a pan filled with hot oil to cook your food. Hot oil is dangerous because the person preparing the meal can end up with lifelong scars with the slightest mishap. Though a great alternative to traditional frying, you should ensure that you buy the best air fryer to enjoy the full benefits of this sophisticated kitchen equipment piece. As such, this article explores a few points that you should bear in mind as you shop for the best air fryer. Continue reading to know some five tips that you should consider as you buy the most suitable air fryer.

1. Size

First, you need to consider the size of the air fryer baking dish you purchase. Your countertop should determine the quantity you go for. Make sure that the air fryer you buy can fit on your countertop while using it. While still on size, you should ensure that the fryer has enough space for the volume of food you will be frying. For instance, you need a small air fryer if you use it alone and a larger one if you will be cooking food for the whole family. You should talk to the store attendant and ask them the different sizes available. If you cannot find the capacity you want, you can try another store/shop until you find one of suitable capacity. Go for the capacity that suits your personal needs.

2. Wattage

It is also essential to consider the wattage of the fryer you purchase. This consideration helps you keep your power consumption under check. You do not need to go for a high-wattage fryer while one of a smaller one would have served you equally. Again, it helps you avoid purchasing air fryers that your kitchen outlets cannot support. Most fryers range between 800 – 1,400 watts. Since most people have problems understanding the issue of wattage, you should purchase from stores that allow you to return the fryers for a refund or replacement. This way, you will be able to replace them if you find that they are not compatible with your kitchen outlets. You, therefore, need to make sure that you keep the receipts well.

3. Settings

You were figuring out the settings of the fryer before buying is essential. The typical air fryer goes up to temperatures of about 360 degrees and has timers to make the frying simpler. As such, some brands may not get hot enough for the kind of foods you want to fry. You should, therefore, thoroughly understand the settings before purchasing any. Further, you should thoroughly test the fryer before you are buying to ensure that all the settings are functional. Since some may stop working soon after you start using them, you should purchase from stores/shops that offer warranties.

4. Levels in the Basket

Some air fryers can fry different types of food at the same time. These fryers have levels in the frying baskets. These multiple levels make frying foods such as fish and chips a lot easier. However, the multiple-level fryers may not be necessary for people who occasionally fry a side dish. However, they can be a useful feature for those with a lot of frying to do. The multiple levels mean that the fryer will cost more than a single level one. Therefore, you should determine whether you need an air fryer baking dish with many basket levels to avoid unnecessary costs.

5. Budget

Although air fryers are excellent appliances, they maybe not for everyone. To begin with, air fryers are not cheap – their price of one is about $200, making it a little more expensive than other common kitchen appliances. Again, rates will differ from one store to another. As such, you need to visit several shops as you compare prices until you settle for the best deal.


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