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My daily cooking is completely changed in the fantastic way thank to the AIR FRYER. Especially to someone who loves eating fried dishes but want the better, economical and healthier dish like me. Therefore, I decide to write some reviews about an AIRFRYER with the aim of helping you to choose your destined one


Basically, AIR FRYER is a kitchen appliance cooking food by circulating hot air around the food. The hot air is circulated around the food at high speed will cook the food evenly and result a crispy layer on the surface of the food.

Top 3 Best-selling Air Fryers in 2020

Philips XL Air Fryer HD9240/94

COSORI AirFryer XL 5.8 Quart

Ninja Air Fryer (AF101), 4 Quart


A born of the air fryer featured special operating mechanism which uses technology of vacuum burning called Rapid Air – that means the upper small mechanical fan inside the drawer blows the hot air and when it is up to 200 Celsius degrees, the hot air will circulate around the food basket at high speed and strength – helps that the food will be cooked evenly by the hot air circulation instead of cooking oil like it used to be. To the food containing grease, the air fryer will produce the dish with less 80% of fat compared to the traditional frying method while its natural deliciousness still is kept.


  • Cook delicious dishes with little to no oil.
  • Have healthier fried dishes with less 80% fat.
  • More delicious and healthy meals.
  • Easy to use & clean up with dishwasher safe parts.
  • Various functions: fry, frill, toast, dry, bake,…
  • Safe and quick cooking.
  • Less smell – No mess
  • Able to manage time and temperature.
  • No oil spills or boiling oil splattering => NO BURN
  • No extra calories.

    More reasons to make you want to have an air fryer:

  • An air fryer is suitable for busy people, ones in diet program, or a cook loves trying new various types of dishes every day.
  • Thanks to the Rapid Air technology, the situation of the food which is under-cooked or over-cooked no longer happens, but more evenly cooked and crunchy outside.
  • There is no oil spills when cooking by an air fryer so that it’d be safer and cleaner than cooking by the traditional deep frying style.

Here are some best  air fryer review in the online market right now.

Philips HD9240/94 Avance XL Digital Airfryer

Using Rapid Air Technology, the Philips Avance XL Digital Airfryer creates delicious, evenly cooked food with a crisp, golden crust. The generously large 2.65-pound basket will feed the whole family and leave some for leftovers!

This model allows you to cook 80% less fat fried food with little to no oil thanks to the famous Philips technology Rapid Air which circulates hot air with speed and precision for faster cooking and perfect result. You may find that frying is awesome more than ever with this air fryer which cause no oil splattering, no mess, and no smell.

  • Model HD9240/94 (black, white)
  • Ability to control temperature up to 390 degrees
  • The basket has an impressive 1.2 kg capacity
  • Fry, bake, toast or grill functions
  • 60-minute timer with convenient auto shut-off
  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher safe parts and non-stick interior

COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart LED Digital Touchscreen

You make the selection, and the machine takes care of the calculations. The LED panel helps you make excellent choices—no matter what food you decide to make.

You won’t find a preheating option in many other air fryers. Preheating visibly improves food texture and takes 2 to 5 minutes! That certainly beats the time-consuming preheating of traditional ovens.

  • Model: COSORI Air Fryer,Max XL 5.8 Quart, LED Digital Touchscreen with 11 Presets
  • Temp Range: 170-400°F (77-205°C)
  • Capacity: 5.8 Quarts / 5.5 Liters
  • Auto Shutoff function, Unique Shake Reminder
  • Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz
  • FREE Cosori Recipe Book with 100 recipes

Ninja Air Fryer (AF101), 4 Quart, Black/Gray

Now enjoy guilt free food; Air fry with upto 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods; Tested against hand cut, deep fried French fries.Wide Temperature Range: 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat

  • Model NINJA AF101 4QT Air Fryer (Black/Gray)
  • The NINJA Air Fryer offers a wide range of temperatures
  • 3.2-quart basket. capacity of food
  • Fry, bake, roast or dehydrate foods functions
  • Easy cleaning with dishwasher safe parts and non-stick interior



Air fryer brings to you the fried dishes much more healthy than other traditional cooking way does as an air fryer uses a little to no oil to prepare the food. Particularly, the cooking operating structure is to utilize the essential oil in the food to cook themselves so that the dishes made by the air fryer is less 80% fatty than the dishes cooked by traditional pan frying method. The less oil we eat, the less cholesterone we consume. The less cholesterone we eat, the less chance  we get cardiovascular diseases as well as the less fat we are.


One of things that everyone loves the air fryer is its versatile, especially in the modern and busy life nowadays. Beside the main function of frying which is most popularly known, the air fryer also does has many other functions like grill, bake, toast, even dry to let you be able to prepare various kind of stunning dishes like spicy roast chicken, grilled tomatoes, chocolate lava cake, or even jackfruit chips.

User-friendly & safe

We can’t deny that the air fryer is more safe to use than a pan for preventing us from boiling oil splattering which may get you painful burns. Besides, the air fryer is designed for your easy manipulation because what you need to do is to put the food into the food basket, close the drawer, then turn the power on, next, set temperature and time, and let the appliance work. You may hear the “finishing” sound when it’s done or some best air fryers will automatically turn off when the timer is finished. With the user guide accompanied, I make sure that this is one of the easiest stuffs to use than any modern appliances right now.


Everything has 2 sides and so an air fryer does. An air fryer brings many benefits but there are still some disadvantageous points that you may consider when buying an airfryer.

  • Not for all recipes: to some complicated preparing dishes, you cannot cook with an air fryer instead of a pan.
  • Small capacity: Most of airfryers in the market now do not mean for a big family (over 5- 6 members)
  • To some particular dishes cooked by an airfryer are not as great as ones cooked by  the pan frying.
  • Preparing food for a party is a problem you may face if you cook by an air fryer as they are done in batches.


Quick-time cooking

Philips Airfryer comes with the power of 2000W, it’s absolutely able to fry and cook a big amount of food and other food taking a long time to be cooked like the whole chicken leg, some kinds of meat and fish,… in the period of time which is 10-15 minutes shorter than the traditional cooking will take.

Great smell filtering ability

Philips Airfryer also are featured the ability of filtering the food smell so that you don’t need to worry about mixing flavor of while cooking different foods together. Furthermore, smell filter and the characteristic of not using cooking oil of the Air fryer really are two of fantastic features I extremely like about Philips Airfryer because it helps you cook cleanly. You do not have to face with the situation that food smell sticks to your clothes or you will never need to clean oil spills in kitchen.

Cooking various types of foods

Besides fried dishes like fried chicken, fried potatoes, shrimp floured and fried, … Airfryer also can bake a sandwich, cracker,… and dry food such as jackfruit, fruit, coconut meat, roasted peanuts, roasted sesame, dried chestnut, … anytime by pressing the button.

Beautiful design and high-class material

The material of high-class heat-resistant PP plastic makes the equipment look luxuriously, more cleanly. In addition, the inside part of the pot is made of stainless steel covered by 3 non-stick layers which is perfect for cooking or frying any food without any sticking.

One more good point to housewives and cooks, the removable drawer and food basket are coated by a non-stick layer and are dishwasher-safe parts so that it’s very easy and quick for cleaning. This is somehow a magic to me, I do not have to spend hours for washing a pan which has the remained cooking oil, fat and food stuck in it.

    Who Should Buy an Air Fryer?

  • Every person who enjoys the more healthful and delicious fried dishes but also wants the cooking is done conveniently and quickly should cook by an air fryer.
  • This appliance also is made for people who want diet meals.
  • People love trying various different stunning dishes every day must put an air fryer in the kitchen because of its versatile: fry, grill, dry, bake, toast…
  • An air fryer is a perfect appliance for people who have a busy life since it does best in cooking frozen food very quickly.


Soak the fryer pan and basket in warm water and cleaning liquid for ten minutes. After that, scrub as needed using a non-abrasive sponge or brush. Rinse then wipe dry using a paper towel. As for the exterior of the fryer, it usually do not need much cleaning since no oil is used. Just wipe to remove dust or anything that got stuck on it.

Aside from keeping your air fryer in good working condition, keeping it clean will also ensure that you are not forfeiting the product warranty. Just like most products, air fryers comes with a warranty that allows you to get replacements on parts and free repairs. However, if your appliance becomes damaged because of your negligence then the warranty becomes invalid. In addition, the air fryer does not come cheap so good maintenance ensures that you do not need to buy a new one sooner than you expect.

Consider investing in special cleaning tools specially designed to clean air fryers. These tools will allow you to clean the pan and basket with ease. This is often separately by the manufacturer of the air fryer. If the manufacturer does not offer the special cleaning tool, you can purchase those that were offered by other brands. This is an additional investment on your part, but it is worth it.


Which the operating mechanism does the PHILIPS AIRFRYER use to cook the food without cooking oil?

AIRFRYER use Rapid Air technology to fry and produce the even-cooked and crispy dish by the hot air circulation instead of cooking oil like it used to do. This way makes 80% of fat reduction in comparison with the traditional frying style but not make the food too dry.

Does the AIR FRYER guarantee the Food Safety and Quality? What are the differences between the Air Fryer and other frying stuffs in the market now?

The biggest strong point of the Air Fryer is the smoke filter which minimizes the volume of smoke while cooking at the maximum possibility. The removable drawer and food basket is overlaid with the 3 non-stick layers so that you can cook without worrying about the difficulty in cleaning.

Is it able to cook any dishes or limited types of dishes?

You are absolutely able to make a variety of dishes like: fried potatoes fried chicken leg, fried sweet potatoes, fried meat, popcorn, or even food reheat and a hundred of stunning fried, grilled, baked, toasted dishes.

My family has 5 people so that I wonder if this air fryer is too small to cook for the whole family. Are there any other sizes to choose?

Air fryers come with many sizes for you to choose which is suitable for your family. To 5-member family, you should choose the capacity of 2.8l.


Welcome! I'm Chris, and I love to cook. I found Air Fryer a couple of years ago when looking for more useful ways to keep the nutritional value of food when cooking. Friends have asked me lots of questions about Air Fryer, so I wanted to start this blog to help my findings to share with them and all of you. I hope you will enjoy it!

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