NuWave Brio 6 qt. Digital Air Fryer Review

Air fryers are the new hype nowadays. This handy appliance claims to have the same output as deep frying. The results for air frying food are much better compared to deep frying. If you are a fan of fried items that this is a definite health option. Most models of air fryer don't need to preheat. This cuts back on your cooking time. It also ensures more hastily food serving.  It uses a meager amount of oil or hot air only.

Nuwave BRIO 6 QT digital Air Fryer

nuwave 6 qt digital air fryer  reviews

Why we like it: You can cook crispy delicious fried food. Avoid messy oil and excessive oil and high-calorie intake. Flavor infusion technology allows you to air-fry your favorite food items.

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Enjoy the luxury of home fried healthy food. The Nuwave air fryer uses super-heated air and unique airflow design. You can cook crispy delicious fried food. Avoid messy oil and excessive oil and high-calorie intake. Flavor infusion technology allows you to air-fry your favorite food items. An ideal choice for busy households. The technology is equipped to be used for all kinds of meals, even desserts. Cooking range from 100F to 400F degrees with 5- adjustable degree increments. It also includes a non-stick pan and cooking range. Air fry food items, broil, grill, bake, reheat, and even dehydrate. 


All functions are available in one appliance. With the additive basket divider, you can cook two things at the same time. All in once, appliance. It's a perfect cooking size for 3 pounds of French fries. Also, cook four chicken breasts and more than 2-pound wings. Compact for small apartments and dorm rooms. The perfect size for single or couples.   Brio is rated best in performance, features, and values. It offers 1500 watts power with incomparable features. Have your healthy food just a click away.


They make cleanup an easy task. Simple use arrows on the control panel to customize cooking. Easily set temperatures through the control panel. The nuwave brio digital air fryer preheat functions to ensure the cooking chamber at the perfect temperature. Reheating will warm your food at 360F for 4 minutes. It evenly heats your leftovers and ensures not being left dried out. Adjust wattage on 6 quarts NuWave Brio from 1800 watts to 1500 watts. You can even take it down to 900 watts. It allows you to use your Nuwave air fryer safely and efficiently, even with limited electricity.



16.5 x 15.1 x 13.1 inches


16.5 pounds

Cooking capacity


Power (watts)

900, 1500 and 1800 Watts

NuWave Brio Air Fryer Features:

  • Digital temperature control
  • Six preset menu selection
  • Preheat and reheat functions
  • Wattage control
  • Advanced safety features
  • Easy to clean
  • NuWave Cooking Club App
  • Patented fry pan basket


  • Easy control
  • Easy cleanup
  • Even baking/ cooking
  • Multiple Presets


  • Broke within a short duration
  • Nonstick coating peels off easily

Buyers guide:

While buying an air fryer, you need to be mindful of some things:


Air fryers commonly have prices ranged $100 to $300. It depends on the size and features.


Its size is more significant than a toaster. Be mindful that this appliance is not small. You will need to dedicate valuable counter space for it.

Skills needed

Air fryers are mostly plugged and work. All you need to do is place food in the basket. Set time and temperature. Enjoy your cooking.

Taste and texture

The air fryer gives you results similar to deep frying.

Health options

Since it uses minimal oil so much healthier, there is a determined loss of grams of fat as compared to deep frying.


Look for a well-insulated air fryer that has cool hand touch to avoid burning hands. The base of the machine should be non-slip. This would avoid machine slipping off. Ensure that the air fryer has an automatic shutoff to prevent overcooking of food.

Temperature control

The temperature setting of the air fryer can have a decisive effort on the final result. Air fryers cook well under 400-degree temperature. Higher temperatures have the advantage of cooking food more quickly. Batter coatings won't absorb much grease. Baked goods will be cooked for shorter periods at high temperatures. Ensure that the machine has a proper temperature control system. The presence of indicator lights and an integrated timer simplifies the cooking process.


The NuWave fry pan basket is specially designed to help airflow from all directions. The stainless steel basket allows hot air to circulate all-around food. It ensures even cooking of food. The removable basket divider allows airflow while differentiating between different foods. It has a built-in safety feature to ensure automatic shutdown. It automatically shuts off when the basket is removed. NuWave Brio fry pan basket and the base tray has non stick coating. It ensures food is not sticking on the pan. All removable parts of NuWave Brio are dishwasher safe.

Having accessories makes your cooking more fun and manageable.

  • Metal Holder
  • Pizza Pan
  • Cake Baking Barrel
  • Skewers Rack
  • Toasting Rack
  • Flower Cake Baking Papers
  • Non-Stick Spring form Pan
  • Kitchen tong


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